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Starter / Main Course / Desert


Vegetable medley, eggplant dip with Espelette pepper

Roasted snail with garlic cream and mashed parsley, dried duck magret chips

Duck foie gras au torchon, apple-pear chutney with sesame oil

Salmon Gravelax, beetroot and blue poppy seed

Lobster salad, preserved gizzards, red wine coulis and mesclun sprouts

Whiting meunière and endive tatin

Scallops, soybean emulsion and fresh salsify

Lamb Chop cooked at low temperature, preserved tomatoes and pearl onions

Braised chicken supreme, truffle juice and corn polenta

Pearl barley risotto, vegetable broth and mushrooms

Exotic fruit minestrone, spice syrup

Hazelnut brownies as a lemon tart

Pear Croustillant and red pepper caramel

Inverted crumble, mandarin jelly and lime mascarpone

Crème brûlée revisited